Listado de verbos regulares / List of regular verbs

A continuación se muestra una pequeña relación de verbos
regulares con sus formas de pasado simple.

To answercontestaranswered
To askpreguntarasked
To arrivellegararrived
To cleanlimpiarcleaned
To closecerrarclosed
To cookcocinarcooked
To decidedecidirdecided
To enjoydisfrutarenjoyed
To explainexplicarexplained
To finishterminarfinished
To helpayudarhelped
To likegustarliked
To lookmirarlooked
To open:abriropened
To playjugar, tocar un
To rainlloverrained
To repeatrepetirrepeated
To stopparar, detenerstopped
To studyestudiarstudied
To watchmirar (TV), observarwatched
To worktrabajarworked