MICHAEL PHELPS: Perhaps the best swimmer ever


After getting eighteen medals in three Olympic Games, Michael Phelps is considered the best swimmer in the world and, perhaps, the best swimmer ever. But, are technique, strength, endurance and speed everything he needs to be a real winner? The answer is “no”. In the water, Michael Phelps is a force to be reckoned with. But his dominance in the pool isn’t just a physical attribute. Phelps’s exacting mental standards and preparation propel him beyond other swimmers. There is no doubt Phelps is one of the most physically gifted athletes in history. But his performances and successes throughout his professional career suggest that his most valuable attribute is actually his mind. Bowman, his coach, called Phelps the strongest-willed, most unflappable competitor he’s observed in any walk of life. Let’s learn how he does it by watching the video, where we will be able to hear Michael Phelps and his coach discuss Phelps’s mental preparation.

También podremos hacer posteriormente un ejercicio sobre vocabulario relacionado con las Olimpíadas.


Fill the gaps with the missing letters to obtain some olympic sports.

1.-  _ W _ M _ I _ G

2.- D _ V _ N _

3.- _ U _ O

4.- _ T _ L _ T _ C _

5.- H _ N _ B _ L _

6.- S _ I _ I _ G

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