UNDER THE OCEAN: Dangerous liaisons

Do you know what may happen when a shark meets an octopus?

Sometimes peaceful and sometimes violent, life under the sea is always amazing.

Life is teeming under the sea. On one hand, you have microscopic unicellular diatoms, on the other, enormous whales. There we can find plants of unimaginable beauty, mangroves and seagrass habitats, coral reefs providing home to countless organisms and creatures, fish and other marine life living close to the ocean’s surface and others living deep in the abyss of the ocean floor depths.

All marine life plays an important role in keeping our climate balanced. This is why it is crucial to keep our marine environment safe and clean.

Vamos a practicar con el siguiente ejercicio.


Choose the suitable letter to find the names of some sea animals. Combining the underlined letters you will get the name of another sea animal.




LOBSTE_                                            _ _ _ _ _ _ _




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